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CV: Joel Boyd

Joel Boyd
6 Hafton Road   Catford SE6 1LP, United Kingdom Tel: 02086984411 Mobile: 07500776525 

A creatively driven individual, constantly looking for ways to increase knowledge and excel.  Eager to learn new skills and keen to get involved in all aspects of projects and productions. Possessing the ability to make the most out of opportunities, resources within the time given.  Able to use positive thinking and skills in order to make an impact on clients receiving the finished product. Ambitious and determined to make a mark on the creative industry

University Of East London (UEL) 2010-2014.
  • BA Fashion Design
Modules include:
  • Develop cutting edge design: To develop and apply creative technical skills in pattern cutting and construction.
  • Develop design and surface: To develop and create innovative fabrics.
Lewisham College (2008-2010).
  • BTEC fashion design and clothes making - Merit
Hillsyde Sixth form, Catford (2006-2008)
3 A levels in Art, Photography and Business

Sedgehill School, Catford (2001-2006)
5 GCSE’s including English, Maths and Science

Work Experience.
Fashion Awareness Direct F.A.D (July 2011)
During a one-week workshop I volunteered my pattern cutting and sewing skills to give a group of teenage boys a glimpse into the fashion industry. My use of communication skills made it easier for participants to understand tasks at hand.
Graduate fashion week (June 2011)
I was chosen to use my pattern cutting skills to help graduate Janine Whittaker (U.E.L) with her collection, and asked to use my sewing skills to help construct garments for graduates Janine Whittaker and Lucy Johnson (U.E.L). I was also given the task to work with a team to successfully design, create and assemble the set for UEL to showcase their student’s portfolios. Vauxhall Fashion Scout (February 2010)
I was given a front of house role where my duties included greeting members of the public and guiding them to the correct venue and seating areas.
River Island (Feb 2010)
While working in the women’s department at the River Island design studio, I was given tasks, which required me to extract information from research to create graphic designs using Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator and to create a pair of jeans. Both were given positive feedback.
Uniqlo (Oct 2009- Present)
During the time I have spent at Uniqlo I have been able to develop using my initiative  to solve problems, create solutions and ideas,  communicate and work in harmony with others to complete tasks. I have used my creative abilities to help with the visual merchandising of store layouts.

Key skills.
  • Problem solving
  • Time/Task management
  • Very organised
  • Photoshop - Competent
  • Adobe illustrator - Competent
  • Mac and PC Literate
  • Competent Pattern cutting

During my spare time I work on art projects with my art collective  - Super Art Friends Unite (S.A.F.U). We are constantly looking for ways to deliver new and interesting gallery exhibitions. I run a blog ( where I post inspiring images and videos with the potential to create a concept for a collection or exhibition. I make and sell garments to people that ask for unique one off garments and I am in the process of making an official clothing label. In effect, using what I am passionate about to create an income.

Joe Hunter                                   
University of East London,
University Way, London
E16 2RD

(F.A.D) Fashion Awareness Direct
10a Wellesley Terrace
London                       N1 7NA                                  020 7490 3946.
Bethan Alexander
University of East London,
University Way, London
E16 2RD
020 8223 2562
Caryl Court
University of East London,
University Way, London
E16 2RD
020 8223 7572
Unit 2048 - 2049, Westfield Shopping Centre, Arial Way,
W12 7GE
020 8749 2173

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Y'OH street wear is an emerging clothing brand by designer Kara Messina. Y"OH make well deigned  street wear garments with a twist by using traditional african prints

Jolene Henry (2011) untitled. tumblr [online] available at (accessed: 29/11/11)

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Amy Tan on creativity

I found this interesting talk on TED by speaker Amy tan about where creativity comes from although it doesn't directly relate to the creative industries i thought that it was worth posting .

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Britain investing in the future

I came across a report by DCMS (the department for culture, media and sport) called Creative Britain. New talents for the economy and what I have taken from it is that Britain have realised the impact that the creative industries worldwide is having on economies and the UK government is beginning to incorporate the creative industries into the economy and nurturing the future creatives so that they may maintain the reputation that the UK creative industries has.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Dalston visit

Me and my friend took a trip around Dalston in the attempt to find any businesses that were a part of the creative industry. As Dalston is one the the younger creative hot spots it was only a matter of time till one was found. We came across a leather shop on Culford Mews that primarily sell wholesale but have had in increase in students coming to purchase leather (at an incredible price). I asked the shop manager if they had been affected by the economic climate and he responded that they were doing alright as they still get students coming in to buy leather and they also were doing fine as they have a workshop a few metres down the road where anyone can come in and either pay for their design to be made or do it themselves.